Breaking Bad came to an end just weeks ago and still the show continues to capture our attention like it did in the dying episodes of the final season. The latest bit of BB goodness to brighten our lives comes from the upcoming series box set of Vince Gilligan's acclaimed show: an alternative ending to the series finale.

Walter White
The ending wasn't nearly as emotional as this one

Many of us knew Bryan Cranston as the hapless yet loveable father figure in Malcolm in the Middle before he was cast in the role of a life time as Walter White, and his association with both shows has prompted fan discussion linking the two programs. Using these fan theories, the alternative ending is a gleefully funny look at how the show could have ended if Walt woke up only to find himself as Hal from Malcolm, having dreamt the whole BB saga.

Waking up in a huff, Cranston awakens his wife from the 2000 - 2006-running sitcom, Jane Kaczmarek, telling her about his horrible dream where he cooked meth, made bombs and killed people. Laughing at the notion that he could cook anything, Kaczmarek tells her on-screen husband, "I told you not to eat those deep-fried Twinkies.”

She spends most of the 3 minute 40 second video trying to calm the hysterical Hal down, but as she goes back to sleep Hal gets a look on his face that suggests he liked being like Scarface. Mirroring the same under-the-sheets sex move that Walter tries on Skyler (Anna Gunn) early in the series, he quips, "I am the one who's knocking," before lying back down in rejection and going to sleep. Not before saying "goodnight Skyler," rather than Lois.

The alternative ending is expected to appear in the Complete Breaking Bad box set, due out on 26 November. The box set will feature every episode from Breaking Bad, as well as extras and a few goodies too, such as a Los Pollos Hermanos apron.

Breaking Bad
"We need to cook Malcolm!"