Canadian rocker Bryan Adams is releasing a collection of photos of wounded British soldiers to mark this year's (13) Remembrance Day (11Nov13).

The singer-turned-photographer's book Wounded: The Legacy of War includes moving images of servicemen and women who have been injured while fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The book hits shelves on Remembrance Day on Monday (11Nov13), which has been observed in Commonwealth countries around the world since the end of World War I.

In a column for Britain's Mail on Sunday, Adams writes of his latest project, "For the majority, this was the first time they had revealed their amputations, their scars and their disabilities to anyone other than their immediate family and friends.

"Some were willing to reveal their wounds in full; others, understandably, were more hesitant. To witness how they and their families have coped was humbling. These proud portraits are proof of how profoundly changed their lives are, and how they have discovered an inner mettle that perhaps they did not realise they possessed.

"Some victims couldn't speak properly; many had limbs blown off; others were badly burned or blinded and disfigured. Each story was different. But what all these soldiers share is the spirit of camaraderie, and an unflinching faith that no matter how horrifically wounded they were, no matter how hazardous their situation, they would not be left behind on the battlefield."