Bryan Adams never got to "enjoy" his chart success because of his hectic touring schedule.

The 62-year-old Canadian rock legend had a global hit with '(Everything I Do) I Do It for You', which spent weeks at No1 in the UK in 1991, but the 'Run to You' singer was "non-stop" play gigs to really take in the "surreal aspect of being No1".

In an interview with The Independent newspaper, Bryan said: “I was on tour. People were always saying, ‘You’re Number One in England,’ but I wasn’t around to witness it. I was playing gigs, non-stop. I was on tour, literally, for four years. So the way it changed was suddenly, I was playing a lot more places, to much bigger crowds. And for a lot longer tours. I don’t suppose I ever really got to enjoy the surreal aspect of being No1 for four months. I was only told about it."

The 'Heaven' hitmaker is known around the world for his single 'Summer of '69', but it failed to climb the charts in most countries and didn't become "well-known" until a decade later.

On why that might be, Bryan explained: “They said, ‘Did you know 'Summer of ’69' has just gone to No 1 in Holland?’ Even though the song had a little bit of a life in North America, it took 10 years for it to become well known. It never even hit the charts in the UK. And so perhaps there’s something about the songs that we write that just don’t necessarily have that instant appeal. But in the long term, they climb out of the wreckage.”

Bryan is set to release his 15th studio album, 'So Happy It Hurts', on Friday (11.03.22).

And the 'Pretty Woman The Musical' lyricist and photographer is the happiest he's been in his career.

He admitted: “It’s taken me years to get to this point now, but I’m quite happy I’ve got there.”