With nearly a decade of super-hits behind him, Bruno Mars is one of the hottest pop stars on the planet at the moment – so much so that he had to abandon a concert in Glasgow this week after a fire temporarily broke out on stage.

The American pop icon was four songs into his set at Glasgow Green, Scotland, on Tuesday evening (July 10th) as he finishes up the European leg of his 24K Magic world tour, when an on-stage pyrotechnic malfunctioned and caused the lighting rig to be set ablaze.

Eyewitnesses said that Mars stopped in the middle of his performance, quickly apologised to fans and hurried off stage, leaving fire crews to quickly extinguish the fire. According to Glasgow Live, nobody was hurt and the entire delay lasted only eight minutes. Eyewitnesses told Entertainment Tonight: “They lowered [a] lighting rig and used fire extinguishers to put something out that was on stage.”

Bruno MarsBruno Mars was performing in Glasgow when the fire broke out

During the break, giant video screens at the outdoor event informed fans: “It is necessary to stop the show temporarily. Further information to follow.”

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32 year old Mars then played a further 11 songs to finish off his set, even rolling with the punches to change the lyrics to one of his songs. “We burned the stage down in Glasgow,” Mars sang in video footage that did the rounds afterwards. “Better call the fire department when the Hooligans get on stage!”

“He was a total showman,” the same eyewitness continued. “When he came back on the stage, he apologized for briefly having to stop the show. He then incorporated what had happened onstage into the lyrics of his next song.”

A spokesperson for DF Concerts said after the gig: “During the Bruno Mars show, there was an incident involving one of the stage lights meaning the show was stopped temporarily. Thanks to the quick thinking of our stage team who assessed the situation, this incident was quickly responded to, allowing the show to continue safely.”

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