A fire broke out on the set of Bruce Willis' latest movie yesterday (05.07.12).

The set of 'A Good Day to Die Hard' in Budapest, Hungary, burst into flames, after a pyrotechnics stunt went wrong.

A statement from film makers 20th Century Fox said: ''No one was injured by the flames, which occurred during a pyrotechnics stunt just after midnight CET on Thursday, and were contained a short while later.

''Bruce Willis, was not on set, nor were other principal cast. Principal photography on the movie began in April in Budapest, and is expected to wrap late summer.''

Bruce's stunt double, who was shooting the scene, part of the fifth movie in the 'Die Hard' series, was able to escape easily and uninjured from the scene.

According to website Perez Hilton, Bruce - who plays the film's hero, John McClane - was back in his hotel at the time of the disaster, but rushed back to the set to help clear equipment from the fire's Dangerous path.

The scene which caused the fire happened when a helicopter had to land near a burning wooden structure. However, the helicopter's blades fanned the fire, causing the whole building to burst into flames, rather than just the 'lobby'.

Producers had reportedly spent two months building the structure, which and planned to use it for five days of filming, before the fire accidentally razed it.

Explaining the plot of the film - to be released next year - producer Tom Rothman said: ''It's all set in Russia. Well there's bookend scenes in New York, but it's John McClane, goes to Russia and I think the technical term... is f***s everything up.

''And the fun part about it, though, is there's a great moment where he says 'It's good a day as any to die.'''