Bruce Willis told his teenage daughter to shave her head to stop her having bad hair days.

The 'RED' actor - who has three daughters, Rumer, 22, Scout, 19, and 16-year-old Tallulah, with ex-wife Demi Moore - says his youngest was moaning about the state of her tresses so Bruce advised her to take inspiration from him by shaving them all off.

He said: "My 16-year-old daughter Tallulah was complaining recently about how much work it is to wash and blow dry her long hair. If you had my hair style you'd be done in five minutes. You'd save a lot of time! Men like me have more important things to do than worry about a haircut."

Bruce, 55, enjoys every moment of being a father to his daughters and recently said he hadn't ruled out having more children with new wife Emma Heming.

He said: "I wouldn't be surprised. Anything is possible. I can't predict the future but anything is possible. Being married to Emma feels great. I'm so happy with her and we try to spend every free minute together."