Last night, the Contact Music gang settled in for a night of Sunday night viewing. After many arguments, we finally decided upon National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets. This got us thinking: what is the worst film to dominate the box office charts?

Die Hard – A Good Day To Die Hard is certainly up there. The 5th Die Hard film managed to top the box office this weekend, beating out some admittedly pathetic competition, taking $25m in the process. With a hugely embarrassing 16% score from collected reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, it surely has to be the worst film to prosper in ticket sales.

So in no particular order, here are some of the worst films ever to take loads of Box Office dollars. No ‘bad movies that made loads of money’ list would be complete without The Last Airbender. Oh it was so so bad. Still, $319,713,881 passed hands in order for people to see this film. This review sums it up nicely, from Film4. “The Last Airbender is an insult to those wanting sophisticated, entertaining or even competent cinema.” Ouch. Anyway, that review contributed to a 6% total score. Oucher…?

National Treasure managed to hit a whopping $457,364,600 worldwide back in 2007. The reviews were slightly better, and we mean slightly, with a 35% score, but for a film with SUCH a high gross, its success is just baffling. We can admit to finding the first National Treasure film a guilty pleasure, but this one is just a guilt-ridden 2 hours.

With 12 nominations in the 10 categories available at The 32nd Annual Golden Raspberry Awards, Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill is a well-deserved entry. We could have chosen from many Sandler films, but the fact he doubled up as both actor and actress in this film, getting him the most Raspberry nominations ever, tipped this one over the edge. $149,673,788 with a 3% review score. That’s all we’re saying.

Another 2007 blockbuster, I Am Legend starring Will Smith effectively stole $585,349,010 from unsuspecting humans. Perhaps that’s a little harsh, but considering the alternate ending was infinitely more popular, yet omitted from the final cut, it deserves an unwanted place on this list. The truth is (SPOILER by the way), a dog dies, and we simply can’t abide that.

Room for one more? Okay then. We know we said this wasn’t in any order, but surely the king of bad box-office hits has to be Spiderman 3. Sam Raimi’s attempt to reimagine the comic book character wasn’t a total disaster critically. But when it came to the hard-core audience; the super-geeks, he disappointed on a huge scale. $890,871,626m blew the $258m budget apart, and with an average 63% score, Spiderman 3 goes down as one of the worst films ever to kill it at the box office.

A Good Day To Die Hard is certainly working its way up to the top of this list. It’s nabbed $117,139,000m so far; a figure that will certainly rise and rise in the coming weeks. Do you have any entries for the best bad films of all time? We’d love to hear your suggestions.