We were fearful of what the 'A Good Day To Die Hard' reviews would look like, and it looks as though our trepidation has been vindicated. The 5th installment of Bruce Willis' action franchise is a step too far; perhaps even two steps.

A paltry 11% (so far) on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes will make grim reading for Willis et al - but critical success doesn't always correlate with commercial proficiency.  Still, being called "Obnoxious, over the top and often dull," (USA Today) can't be nice. It's difficult to find a shred of positivity while sifting through the sea of negative reviews. Variety come close, saying, "the action elements aren't the problem here. They're certainly loud enough. It's the obligatory intra-family squabbling and preposterous plotting that threaten to derail this nonsensical sequel." Having said that, describing something as: not "the problem", isn't exactly positive, is it? Heyuguys.com reviewer Stefan Pape bemoans the longevity of the franchise: "'I'm going to count to three. There will not be a four,' mutters Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber in the very first Die Hard movie. If only the filmmakers of this renowned action movie franchise had taken note, as after a triumphant trilogy, we now set foot into what is the fifth instalment in the Die Hard series."

It's probably safe to say that everybody wanted A Good Day To Die Hard to be good, but the chances of that were always slim. An action film first, this fifth (but not final) instalment fails to capture the vigour with which John McClain one defeated his enemies. 

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