It doesn't matter how big a star you are, if you go over curfew you'll be getting cut - that's the message that promoters Live Nation gave out over the weekend during Bruce Springsteen 's Hyde Park gig and that's the one they've passed onto Madonna as she prepares to pitch up and play in front of some 50,000 punters tomorrow night (July 15, 2012).
There were complaints from fans after The Boss was halted on Saturday night mid-duet with Beatles man Paul McCartney, albeit after Springsteen had gone over curfew. Officials have got tight on gigs at Hyde Park, reducing sound levels and cutting the amount allowed per year from 13 to nine, and Live Nation insisted it was something that had to be done. Talking about Saturday's cut and whether it'd happen to Madonna, chief operating officer John Probyn said "It won't happen again. We've had lengthy conversations with Madonna's people. They contacted us. We've worked out with them what time she needs to go on stage to finish on time. That's all in hand." And asked whether the plug would be pulled if she were to run over, Probyn said: "Yes. We'd have no choice. We are effectively breaking the law if we carry on. There's not a lot we can do. She will finish on time."
There were apparently two noise complaints about the Springsteen gig on Saturday night, even though many in attendance were claiming that the levels - capped at 75 decibels - weren't loud enough.