Bruce Springsteen is set to have his entire new album, High Hopes, streamed on the CBS website as 'The Good Wife' adds three of his tracks to the soundtrack of an upcoming episode.

Bruce Springsteen performs live at King's Hall, Belfast
Springsteen brands new album an 'anomaly'

Many fans have already had a hefty helping of Springsteen's latest offering after Amazon made a huge blunder in selling the record on their mobile site before the January 14th 2014 release date, but those less quick-moving fans will get their share soon enough. CBS will be unveiling the album on the site ahead of the January 12th episode of 'The Good Wife' which will see a soundtrack including 'High Hopes', 'Hunter of Invisible Game' and 'The Ghost of Tom Joad' all from the record.

Watch Bruce Springsteen perform his 1995 single 'Secret Garden' live:

You'll be able to catch the stream on January 5th alongside some episode previews. 'We love using music in 'The Good Wife', and we always have the music inform the action and the cutting', the show's creators Robert and Michelle King said recently. 'So when the Bruce Springsteen songs became available, we couldn't believe our luck.  We wished we could use the whole album.'

Fans will be able to get their hands on the full album in less than a fortnight. Springsteen has previously tried his best to describe what to expect from the record to Rolling Stone, but it will no doubt ultimately surprise everyone. 'The best way to describe this record is that it's a bit of an anomaly', he explained. 'But not much. I don't really work linearly like a lot of people do. The songs were relatively current and had a similar sound picture.'

Bruce Springsteen at the Merrion Hotel, Dublin
'High Hopes' tracks to be used on 'The Good Wife'