Bruce Springsteen’s 18th studio album is finally out – officially, that is – and the buzz is building. High Hopes is a first for Springsteen, in that it is a compilation of cover songs performed only during live appearances, previously unreleased studio recordings and revived older songs. Over the course of High Hopes’ 20 year history, Springsteen collaborated on the record with the E Street Band, as well as saxophonist Clarence Clemmons, guitarist Danny Federici and Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. Most reviewers are impressed specifically with Morello’s obvious influence on the record.

Bruce Springsteen high hopes

Billboard’s Caryn Rose gives the collaboration an approving nod, writing: “, Morello's very familiar with and sympathetic to the repertoire because he is an enthusiastic, self-identified fan. His contributions feel inventive, versatile and natural, like an extension of the direction Springsteen was already moving in; he can attack the song in true Morello fashion, contribute tasteful rhythm guitar -- or a combination of the two. Importantly, he challenges Springsteen, both musically and emotionally.”

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