Bruce Springsteen fell out with Steven Van Zandt over the lyrics to his song Ain'T Got You after his sidekick insisted it was a mistake to brag about his wealth.
The Boss sings about his diamonds and gold, priceless art and houses "across the country" in the 1987 track, but the guitarist tells The New Yorker magazine he hated it from the get-go.
Van Zandt recalls, "I'm, like, 'What the f**k is this?' And he's, like, 'Well, what do you mean? It's the truth. It's just who I am, it's my life.' And I'm like, 'This is bulls**t. People don't need you talking about your life. Nobody gives a s**t about your life. They need you for their lives. That's your thing. Giving some logic and reason and sympathy and passion to this cold, fragmented, confusing world - that's your gift. Explaining their lives to them. Their lives, not yours.'
"And we fought and fought and fought and fought. He says, 'F**k you,' I say, 'F**k you.' I think something in what I said probably resonated."