We reckon 1D fans or Justin Bieber fans are rabid because they're mainly hormonal young girls but Bruce Springsteen appeals to a rather different demographic who have been mirroring the obsessive antics of the tweensters. 'The Boss' will perform tonight (23 July) to 29,000 fans at a sold out show, with some making absolutely sure they didn't miss out on a front row position in the standing area of the arena.

Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen: A True Guitar Hero.

BBC News spoke to Warrington fan Tony Tower who admitted he'd been camped outside Millenium Stadium for five days. Mr. Tower explained his need to be at the very front: "It's all about getting under the mic - it's better to be in the pit than out of it. It's the heart of the concert." He also admitted that he'd spent more than £1,300 on tickets to see his idol and that was all OK with his wife, saying "It's not about the cost - it's about the experience. My wife tells me I can afford it." Spoken like a true fan!

Missed Him This Time Round? Rock Out To The Boss Live:

Everyone who got in line early to have first dibs on pit positions were given a number, with roll calls carried out every few hours to check everyone's still present and correct. Roads surrounding the stadium have been closed off to traffic from 5pm to avoid gridlock. By Sunday, Wales Online noted that 127 people were already in line to get to the bar at the gig, with some even travelling as far as Australia.

Bruce Springsteen
The Boss Truly Has A Strong Herd Of Devotees.

His fans' passion and devotion is a trait also seen in the 63 year-old 'Born In The USA' rocker who has recently assigned his name to several high profile and controversial legal cases that he feels strongly about. Last week, Springsteen dedicated '41 Shots (American Skin)' to gunned down teenager Trayvon Martin after his killer George Zimmerman was acquitted. On Monday, Rolling Stone reported that The Boss had added his voice to dozens of other artists who signed an open letter with Amnesty International calling for Russian punks Pussy Riot's release, including Adele, Radiohead, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Patti Smith, Sting and Ke$ha, in a letter that described the "shockingly unjust trial and imprisonment [that] has spread far and wide, especially among your fellow artists, musicians and citizens around the world."

Next on Springsteen, and Tony Tower's, destination list will be Leeds on Wednesday 24th July.