Bruce Springsteen fans got themselves in something of a lather after the plug was pulled on his Hyde Park gig last weekend (July 14, 2012). The Boss wasn't prepared to let it get him down, though and made a point of joking about the incident at his Dublin show last night (July 17, 2012). According to, the show at Rds Arena, Dublin, started with Bruce Springsteen and Steve Van Zandt bringing a power generator onstage with them. Bruce said "Before we were interrupted so rudely" and launched into the Beatles song 'Twist and Shout.'
On Saturday night, Bruce had been joined onstage in Hyde Park by Sir Paul McCartney and was performing a string of Beatles covers, when the plug was pulled on their performance, for running over curfew, much to the consternation of many people in attendance. The sly humour continued for Bruce in Dublin, as they then played a cover of the 1966 Bobby Fuller hit 'I Fought The Law' - a reference to the events of Saturday night's concert in London. During 'Dancing in the Dark,' the video screens apparently showed an image of a generator, switched firmly to 'on.'
The japes continued throughout the set, as someone dressed as a policeman came onstage during 'Twist and Shout' and tried to pull the plug on the band. He manage to pull it during 'American Land,' only for Steve Van Zandt to plug it back in. The band finished at 10:51pm, 9 minutes ahead of their curfew - clearly not wanting to encounter the same pitfalls that they did in London.