Bruce Springsteen is a huge fan of Kanye West.

The 'Born In The USA' hitmaker has admitted he ''likes'' the 'Famous' rapper because he makes ''creative, amazing records'', and the 66-year-old rocker has also credited U2 as a band who are ''consistently great''.

Speaking at Apple's Soho store in New York City on Wednesday (28.09.16), he said: ''I like Kanye West.

''He makes great records. They are creative, amazing records.

''Green Day make great records. They are always thoughtful and intense. They play great together. My old friends U2 are playing just fine. They are consistently great.''

Meanwhile, Springsteen - who unveiled his last album 'High Hopes' in 2014 - has admitted he recorded his upcoming LP a while ago and has been sitting on the finished piece for ''some time''.

He explained: ''It's been done for a while and it's pretty good, it's kind of a solo record.''

And the 'Hungry Heart' singer - who is currently promoting his memoir 'Born To Run' - has revealed he wrote the book to tell people who influenced him to break into the music industry.

He said: ''I wanted to let people know what were the influences on my music. I wrote songs to figure out who I was.''