After it was leaked early through Amazon, Bruce Springsteen's latest album - High Hopes - is finally available to listen to legitimately, after the blue collar hero made his latest LP available to stream online for free. Ten days before it is due to be released officially, High Hopes is available to listen to now, and it's all thanks to the hit CBS drama The Good Wife.

High Hopes
High Hopes has already recevied mostly positive feedback

High Hopes was made available to stream in its entirety via the CBS website, the the full album being uploaded to the site following the ending of last night's (5 Jan.) episode of the hit legal program. At around 10 pm last night, in a unique tie in with the episode that preceded it, the album was released early for all to enjoy.

Ok, it actually isn't that widely available yet, as only the lead single from the album, also called 'High Hopes,' is available to listen to outside of the USA. Due to contractual agreement with Springsteen's label Columbia Records, the record is only available to listen to in full within the US now, but don't let that put you off, as there's only ten days to go before the album is out to buy (and it's not like you can't find a way around that little legality if you live outside the US anyway).

High Hopes features a mix of Springsteen songs new and old, as well as a handful of covers, studio outtakes and re-recordings from the past few years. The album features heavy contribution from Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello and also features several cut featuring two members of the E Street Band who have now sadly passed away: Danny Fererici and Clarence Clemons. The album will become available to buy on 14 January.

Bruce Springsteen
The Boss is back!