Bruce Springsteen has confirmed the upcoming release date of his next studio album, High Hopes, in an announcement posted via Facebook and Twitter. "Got #HighHopes for a new album in 2014?" tweeted Springsteen, in an incredibly excitement-inducing message. Eagle-eyed fans will have already noticed that High Hopes is already to preorder on iTunes with an expected release date of January 14th 2014.

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High Hopes will mark the first record released by Springsteen since 2008's Wrecking Ball: his eighth number one in the UK with the new album expected to make his ninth. Springsteen also shared a track list for High Hopes to coincide with the release of the title track, 'High Hopes,' as a taster single.

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The track features Rage Against The Machine's distinctive Tom Morello on guitars, who toured with Bruce in Australia, a brass section, characteristically optimistic lyrics from The Boss and is currently posted in the form of a clever lyric video on Springsteen's Vevo channel. The song was written by Scott McConnell's band The Havalinas in 1990, and has been previously covered by Springsteen for his 1996 Blood Brothers.

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High Hopes was recorded in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Australia, and New York City and marks Springsteen's 18th studio album to date. Produced by Brendan O'Brien and Ron Aniello, the album features accompaniment from members of the E Street Band and Morello, the latter of whom appears on eight tracks.

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Springsteen spoke warmly of Morello, describing him as a "muse": "Tom and his guitar became my muse, pushing the rest of this project to another level. Thanks for the inspiration Tom," he said. He then turned to discuss the finer details of his new record which includes the song he has dedicated to shot American teenager Trayvon Martin, 'American Skin (41 Shots).'

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'High Hopes' Will Be Released On The 13th January 2014.

"Some of these songs, "American Skin" and "Ghost of Tom Joad", you'll be familiar with from our live versions. I felt they were among the best of my writing and deserved a proper studio recording. "The Wall" is something I'd played on stage a few times and remains very close to my heart," he added.

The Full 'High Hopes' Track List:

1. High Hopes

2. Harry's Place

3. American Skin (41 Shots)

4. Just Like Fire Would

5. Down In The Hole

6. Heaven's Wall

7. Frankie Fell In Love

8. This Is Your Sword

9. Hunter Of Invisible Game

10. The Ghost of Tom Joad

11.The Wall

12. Dream Baby Dream

High Hopes will be released on the 14th January 2014; Bruce's new single 'High Hopes' is available to purchase now.