Bruce Springsteen has launched a furious rant against U.S. bankers, branding them thieves who have wrecked the American Dream.

The Born to Run rocker is a vocal Democrat and keen supporter of President Barack Obama, and now he has waded into the debate about how capitalism encourages banking institutions to continue to profit while families tighten their belts.

He is adamant the 2011 'Occupy' protests, when demonstrators staged lengthy vigils outside leading finance institutions, mark the beginning of the end for high-earning bankers.

Springsteen tells Uncut magazine, "There was no accountability for years - people were losing their homes, yet nobody went to jail. Previous to Occupy Wall Street, there was no push-back to what was basic theft that struck at the heart of what America was about, the American sense of history and community: it was a faultline that cracked the American system wide open, whose repercussions we are only starting to feel."