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i can't wait to hear his new album! finally, a recorded version of Land of Hopes and Dreams!! :D

Posted 11 years 3 weeks ago by girlieee

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We put together a short "fanvid" to spread the word about Rio Tinto miners in Boron, CA. It's set to the music of Bruce Springsteen’s This Hard Land (a great song). Please share

Posted 13 years 2 days ago by LALabor

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Bruce---Walmart--really? So very disappointing. Does that mean you are a sham? Seduced by the almighty dollar? We own an independent music store, hanging on by the skin of our teeth in this economy and have always admired what you supposedly stood for---and we could NOT believe that you would freeze out the people you spoke out for. As an indie, we are now not able to purchase your new release to sell to our customers, because apparently you want to sell to Walmart customers only. Shame on you for being a phony, and shame on us for believing in you. The worst part is we planned on taking our 11 year old to your concert in Denver this spring --however, we have decided that after this disappointing news, none of us would enjoy it, so if you know anyone who wants to buy some tickets....

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by d&ddwight

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Have you thought you've seen Bruce's double? We know him. Anyone interested in seeing a picture?

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by Bruce Springste...

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Just finished reading how Bruce thaought his contract with Wal-Mart was a big mistake. Because "millions" of fans called him on the deplorable conditions that Wal-Mart emplyees are subjected to. May these "millions" of "fans" should use their influence for good. And maybe Bruce should have checked with the people that work for Wal-Mart instead of listening to 3rd party crap. Bad move Bruce. Some of those people buying your products are probably using Wal-Mart money. Hard earned, made honestly money, by people that don't buy into the hype that anti Wal-Mart groups spew. I won't buy another thing from, about or for you. I don't want to seem like a hypocrit, since I work for the company, happily.

Posted 14 years 1 month ago by bscadlock

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Working Class Hero has thrown his support behind Senator Barack Obama.DEMOCRATIC MOTTO IS COUNT EVERY VOTECongradulations Hillary-America Knows You WON.How did Barack Obama "win" 68% to 32% in the Democratic Party Run and Paid for Caucus States(check how he "won" Votes and Delegates in Michigan)IRREFUTABLE FACT: After all the 2008 Presidential Primary Votes were counted and Certified, not only did Hillary Clinton receive more Votes than her rival Barack Obama, she has received more Votes than any other Presidential Primary candidate in History.

Posted 14 years 8 months ago by HillaryClintonWon

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I think Springsteen has it right. I think he is beautiful in his lyrics and in his music. I think he has a wonderful way of looking at life and questioning it. He has impacted my life in such a profound way. I love everything about him as an artist. He is an artist. A first class artist. You don't see or hear many like him. He's special.

Posted 15 years 10 months ago by Misty Expressions

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Bruce is one of the greatest poets and entertainers of any generation, however like many people of this ilk he is lacking in historical perspective. His ideology that we all must live together in peace, his lack of support for our military and his distorted belief that we are the agressors in the world is ignorant and pathetic. Hopefully the majority of Americans will realize that the war on terror is not going away anytime soon. If we believe the leftist junk that Bruce espouses we'd leave our great country vulnerable for yet another attack from the Islami-facists. Bruce please wake up, I was always one of your best fans. John Kerry has zero integrity as a person! Look at his behavior in the Nam, it is all true. I know.

Posted 16 years 2 months ago by 007

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