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Bruce Robinson Unveils New Jack The Ripper Theory

The Rum Diary moviemaker has spent 15 years investigating the mystery and has concluded the murderer was never caught or officially identified because of a Masonic conspiracy. He has named the killer...

Johnny Depp Failed To Stay Sober On Rum Diary Set

Johnny Depp and director Bruce Robinson took a vow of sobriety on the set of their new movie, but were boozing within hours as temperatures at the Caribbean location soared.The pair headed to Puerto Rico...

Johnny Depp Has Private Smoking Plane

Johnny Depp flies on private planes so he can smoke.The 'Rum Diary' star prefers to travel in his own personal aircraft so he can indulge his habit and he also hates using public airlines because...

Rum Diary Director Almost Refused Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's 'The Rum Diary' director almost turned down the movie because he didn't like the story. The 48-year-old actor originally asked Bruce Robinson to adapt the novel written by his close pal Hunter S....

Johnny Depp Disappointed With Stunts

Johnny Depp was disappointed he didn't get to perform the fire-spitting stunt in his new movie. The 48-year-old actor stars in 'The Rum Diary' - the big screen adaptation of the novel written by his...

Johnny Depp: Near Death Experience Was 'Hysterical'

Johnny Depp burst into hysterical laughter when the private jet he was on nearly crashed.The 'Rum Diary' actor was en route to Los Angeles on a Gulfstream plane with director Bruce Robinson when the engines...

Depp Convinced Robinson To End Retirement For Rum Diary

Director Bruce Robinson only agreed to step behind the camera for The Rum Diary after Johnny Depp "hounded" him into taking charge.Robinson vowed never to direct another film after 1992 flop Jennifer 8, and stuck...

Johnny Depp And Director Paid Tribute To Thompson With Whiskey Ritual

Johnny Depp and director Bruce Robinson paid homage to late Hunter S. Thompson on the set of new film The Rum Diary daily by placing a bottle of the writer's favourite scotch and a packet...

Johnny Depp Surprises Robinson With Rare Book

Johnny Depp showed his generous side by handing over a priceless poetry book from his collection to his The Rum Diary director Bruce Robinson as a gift.Depp invited Robinson to stay at his home, where...

Johnny Depp Paints Keith Richards Portrait

Johnny Depp has an oil painting of Keith Richards surrounded by cigarette papers. The 48-year-old actor has amassed a huge collection of artwork and a collection of rare manuscripts in his mansion in Hertfordshire, East...

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