Bruce Forsyth could be about to jack it all in to move to pastures warmer, with Strictly Come Dancing possibly being put to rest with him at the helm, so that the 85 year-old can soak up the rays elsewhere during the cold UK winter months.

Speaking to the print version of The Radio Times, the veteran presenter grumbled “Look at this weather, I can’t even get out. It does make me depressed. I’m just back from Puerto Rico, where my wife’s family live and it’s 85C there. I don’t know why I came back to this stinking cold place. The winter has gone on for so long. We deserve a good summer.” He added “I would contemplate just doing six months a year in this country. If this is going to be our regular winter, I’m going to vanish in October and come back at the end of May.”

This would of course clash with when BBC reality dancing contest Strictly Comes Dancing takes place, but when that was put to him he replied: “Oh yes, but we’ll forget about that.” Cryptic! In the same interview, Forsyth also hit out at critics who poke fun at him for fluffing his lines. “How many ­newsreaders do you see making a slip?” He fumed. “It happens all the time live. But, of course, with it being me, and being 85, they call me a silly old fool. Any excuse.”

Bruce Forsyth
Bruce Forsyth could be ditching the UK