Bruce Campbell is hesitant about cheering for another EVIL DEAD movie because working with director pal Sam Raimi is "long and miserable".
The actor has starred in all three of Raimi's cult horror movies and there's forever talk of a fourth.
Campbell insists he'd sign up to reprise his role of Ash, but working with Raimi can be a laborious affair.
He explains, "Evil Dead took us 12 weeks to shoot. Most (B-movie director) Roger Corman movies are, like, 10 days. We had days where we only got one shot. That's absurd! He'd be fired under any other scenario.
"Each of the Evil Dead shoots was long and miserable. Every single one, but, as a result, Sam's really pulling off some cool stuff. The first Evil Dead, we did a lot of cool stuff visually for nothing. (In) Army of Darkness, we spent more money on it, but he was always mixing puppets and animation. Sam's an old magician. Every trick in the book he was using to torment the audience and entertain them. He's a showman."