Brooklyn Decker ''definitely'' wants to have children.

The 26-year-old actress is keen to start a family with her husband Andy Roddick, whom she married in 2009, but she wants to make sure she's ready to be a mother.

She said: ''I love kids. I definitely want kids. I just have to figure out the timing of that.''

The blonde beauty blames her CBS sitcom 'Friends with Better Lives' co-stars Majandra Delfino and James Van Der Beek's children for making her broody.

She explained to ''It is great getting to be Aunt Brooklyn and play with my friends' kids.

''Majandra had just had a baby when we started filming and she would have her daughter with her and was dealing with breastfeeding her son.''

However, Brooklyn knows that having children running around the house would mean she'd have less alone time with Andy and night's in with a glass of wine.

She said: ''I love seeing Majandra with her daughter, but she would also get jealous any time I told her I was going home and having a wine date with my husband.''