Brooke Vincent has been speaking out about her fellow 'Coronation Street' co-stars, claiming that Helen Flanagan will be happier away from the show and also admitting that she knew all along that Sascha Parkinson wouldn't be staying with the soap long. Vincent, 19, plays the younger sister of Flanagan's character Rosie, a role the latter has played for some 12 years now, but it's all set to end in February - and it's not something which surprises the young actress.
"Helen's most happy when she's with her boyfriend. She's much more relaxed and so much happier in herself. So if that's where she's happiest, that's where she needs to be," The Press Association reports Vincent telling New Magazine, "A lot of people forget that when you work on a soap, you kind of sign your life away. You're not allowed to change your hair, you can't go on holiday when you want. Helen's a bit of a control freak and likes to have her freedom, so I think it will help her. She said to me, 'When I leave, I've got nothing to do. And it's going to be great!'"
Turning her attentions to the recently departed Parkinson, Vincent claimed "[Sacha] said ages ago, 'I'm only going to stay two years'. Then two years went by and she was like, 'I think I'm going to leave next December' . It's kind of like school - everyone has to go their own separate ways eventually. It'd be a different story if they were being written out, but it's their own decision."