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1st September 2015

Fact: Model-turned-actress Brooke Shields was among the New York residents who reported for jury duty at Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday (01Sep15). The Blue Lagoon star was photographed lining up on the steps of the building with her fellow potential jurors as she awaited screening by court officials.

4th December 2014

Quote: "I am so (hoarse) just talking about myself. I'm losing my own voice. I'm sick of hearing myself talk!" Model-turned-actress Brooke Shields is battling a sore throat as she continues to promote her new memoir There Was A Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me.

24th November 2014

Quote: "She's cremated and she's in a martini shaker... She gets to stare at me 24/7 and she's on my bar!" Model-turned-actress Brooke Shields has found a quirky place to keep her mother's ashes. Actress/producer Teri Shields, who passed away in 2012 due to a dementia-related illness, had struggled with alcohol addiction prior to her death, according to her daughter.

4th October 2013

Quote: "I am divorced, and mine was very quick and relatively easy but it's a very interesting thing because he - quote, unquote - did say to me, 'Be happy that we don't have children or I would not have made this easy for you'... And therein lies why I'm not there anymore." Actress Brooke Shields on her divorce from tennis ace Andre Agassi after almost two years of marriage.

2nd October 2013

Quote: "Third grade, violin, did not want to play the violin and the teacher wouldn't let me quit! I said, 'I really don't wanna play violin, I'd rather play the flute, or recorder', or whatever the other option was and she said, 'No, I can't let you, you're my best student'. So I went back into class the next day and said (to another classmate), 'Ah... do you hate the violin as much as I do?' and she said, 'Miss Shields, out!' She wouldn't let me quit so I got myself fired!" Model-turned-actress Brooke Shields used her acting skills to get herself out of her childhood violin class.

5th June 2013

Fact: Actress Brooke Shields has to undergo regular shots from her doctor because she's allergic to her own dog.

25th May 2012

Fact: Actress Whoopi Goldberg, former model Brooke Shields and The Roots star ?Uestlove have teamed up to shoot a spoof of British period series Downtown Abbey. The group filmed the scene in old Victorian garb for U.S. programme Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the short piece aired on Thursday (24May12).

10th November 2011

Quote: "It's very sad, actually. We're all in that sort of trauma where we have her ashes and the girls carry these little footprints of hers around. She was the only dog we've really ever had." Actress Brooke Shields and her family are grieving over the loss of their 13-year-old American bulldog, Darla.

13th June 2011

Fact: Model/actress Brooke Shields poked fun at the sex scandal surrounding New York congressman Anthony Weiner during the opening number at the 2011 Tony Awards on Sunday (12Jun11). She joined show host Neil Patrick Harris for the comical song, quipping, "In fact, one guy sent a Twitpic of his crotch!" The married politician last week (begs06Jun11) admitted to lying about sending an explicit picture to a female student via Twitter, while he also confessed to having intimate phone and internet chats with other women.

21st April 2010

Quote: "I did try it (between my eyebrows) once and I was so claustrophobic for the next four months because I had no expression." Brooke Shields is adamant she'll never try Botox again.

15th April 2010

Fact: Brooke Shields enlisted the help of her family for her latest promotional project - the actress appears in adverts for home brand Royal Velvet alongside her husband, Chris Henchy, and their two daughters, Rowan, six, and Grier, four.

2nd April 2010

Quote: "I make people kiss my ring. I make people walk behind me... It's made me impossible to be around." Actress Brooke Shields jokes about life as a royal after discovering her ancestors were French monarchs while tracing her family tree for U.S. TV show Who Do You Think You Are?

9th March 2010

Fact: Actress Brooke Shields has learned she's related to the French royal family after tracing her genealogy on hit new U.S. TV show Who Do You Think You Are?

4th March 2010

Fact: ROMEO + JULIET star Claire Danes is following in the footsteps of Brooke Shields after signing up to be the new spokesmodel for eyelash growth product Latisse.

26th May 2009

Quote: "You may think love will change everything, but it really is different with children. Children don't necessarily bring you together, they challenge you." Parenthood can put a strain on Brooke Shields' marriage to Chris Henchy.

7th March 2009

Fact: Eva Longoria PARKER, Brooke Shields, Lauren Hutton, Carrie Underwood and Anjelica Huston are to appear in a new print ad celebrating the 20th anniversary of clothing giants Badgley Mischka. The women, all big fans of Badgley Mischka designs, will pose in gowns the duo have made.

29th January 2009

Fact: Actress Brooke Shields will help a lucky couple spark up some romance on Valentine's Day (14Feb09) after revealing a chocolate-covered hotel room is up for grabs on Wednesday (28Jan09). The winner of Godiva chocolatier's edible suite will be flown to New York for a saucy stay in the city's Bryant Park Hotel.

28th January 2009

Fact: Brooke Shields is set to become the face of safe tanning after signing on to front pioneering anti-ageing sunscreen product Coppertone NutraShield.

11th December 2008

Quote: "I'm so glad for him! I think it's ironic, all the work that he does (and) that's what he gets nominated for. I think he's done tremendous work so I think he's probably chuckling about it too." Actress Brooke Shields congratulates Tom Cruise on his Golden Globe nomination after the actor went bald and put on a fat suit for his supporting role in TROPIC THUNDER.

24th October 2008

Quote: "One year when I was younger, I went as Charlie Chaplin when all my friends were sexy gypsies. I won first prize, but after I saw all the sexy gypsies, I wanted to be one of them. Maybe that's why I'm in therapy now." Model-turned-actress Brooke Shields is haunted by the memories of her childhood Halloween costumes.

15th September 2008

Quote: "I don't think I'd do that to myself. Because I was 15. And that's not good for anybody, to try on things you wore when you were 15." Model-turned-actress Brooke Shields has vowed to leave her the designer jeans that made her famous in her 1980 ads for Calvin Klein in the closet.

25th August 2008

Quote: "People think of me as a mannequin. All show and no substance." Actress Brooke Shields on people's preconceptions of her.

26th July 2008

Quote: "She had just had knee surgery because she broke her knee cap and I just finished having double foot surgery, so the two of us were such gimps, gimping onto the set. She needed a golf cart and I needed crutches." Brooke Shields on working with Mary Tyler Moore for the new series of U.S. TV series Lipstick Jungle.

26th July 2008

Quote: "She had just had knee surgery because she broke her knee cap and I just finished having double foot surgery, so the two of us were such gimps, gimping onto the set. She needed a golf cart and I needed crutches." Brooke Shields on working with Mary Tyler Moore for the new series of U.S. TV series Lipstick Jungle.

10th July 2008

Fact: Teenage mum Jamie Lynn Spears is set to give fairytale figure GOLDILOCKS a voice in new animated children's show UNSTABLE FABLES: GOLDILOCKS + THE THREE BEARS. Tom Arnold and Brooke Shields are also involved in the project.

9th July 2008

Fact: Actress Parker Posey served as 'best man' at pal Chris Kattan's wedding to SUNSHINE TUTT last month (Jun08), while guests at the Yosemite Valley nuptials in California included Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Shields.

21st March 2008

Quote: "I just spin and do yoga. I can't do any weight-training, otherwise I really would look like The Hulk... My body responds very well." Mum-of-two Brooke Shields has to be careful with her gym workouts.

18th February 2008

Quote: "I just don't think c**t is a controversial word. I find it frighteningly sad that there was an outrage... that Jane Fonda said it... It is just a word." Brooke Shields defends Fonda after she uttered the 'c' word in a live TV interview last week (ends15Feb08).

1st February 2008

Quote: "Watch, I'll come out of that surgery with double D's (breast size). It'll be my version of a deviated septum." Brooke Shields jokes about upcoming surgery on her feet.

1st February 2008

Quote: "I don't lead a controversial life at all, and yet my career has been so fraught with controversy." Actress Brooke Shields reflects on her professional life to date.

31st January 2008

Quote: "I'm really proud to be a mom of two and not use a body double." Brooke Shields on playing sexy and naked on new TV show LIPSTICK JUNGLE.

29th January 2008

Fact: Glenn Close and Brooke Shields are second cousins.

18th September 2007

Quote: "Exercise helps me beat stress. Having a beer also helps me decompress, though it's hard for me to say that, because I come from an alcoholic family." Actress Brooke Shields reveals her methods of relaxation.

14th June 2007

Fact: Brooke Shields sent Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes $1,000 (GBP500) worth of Tupperware products as a housewarming present for their new Los Angeles mansion.

16th April 2007

Fact: Brooke Shields is to play ACHY BREAKY HEART singer Billy Ray Cyrus' late wife in an upcoming flashback episode of hit family TV show HANNAH MONTANA, which also stars his daughter MILEY.

28th November 2006

Fact: Brooke Shields and her husband Chris Henchy baptised their second baby daughter GRIER at St Patrick's Cathedral in New York on Friday (24NOV06).

14th November 2006

Fact: Actress Brooke Shields is so desperate to be at new pal Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Italian wedding this weekend, she's delaying a movie project to be there.

4th September 2006

Quote: "Going into this pregnancy was very different. I did not undergo any fertility treatments, which was basically a shock; my husband and I were actually in the same room." Actress Brooke Shields on her easy second pregnancy.

25th August 2006

Fact: Faith Hill and Sheryl Crow have been chosen as two of fitness magazine Self's 10 Most Inspiring Women. Joining the singers are actresses Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Brooke Shields and designer DONNA KARAN.

27th July 2006

Fact: Dallas star Larry Hagman and French actress Catherine Deneuve are to make guest appearances in hit television show NIP/TUCK. Brooke Shields, Richard Chamberlain and Kathleen Turner will also feature in the fourth series of the American programme.

8th June 2006

Fact: Brooke Shields, Kathleen Turner and Larry Hagman will all guest star in the upcoming season of hit plastic surgery drama NIP/TUCK.

20th April 2006

Quote: "Hollywood could not write a better script for a happy ending." US talk show host Katie Couric on Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise having babies on the same day, after publicly sparring last year (05) over the use of anti-depressants to treat post-partum depression.

17th March 2006

Quote: "We both have the same bushy eyebrows." Oscar winner Rachel Weisz on being mistaken for actress Brooke Shields.

17th March 2006

Fact: Brooke Shields and husband Chris Henchy have already picked out a name for her new baby girl when she arrives - GRIER.

7th December 2005

Fact: <p>Actresses Glenn Close and Brooke Shields are distant cousins. </p>

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