The actress has teamed up with Robert Procop to design Legacy Brooke, which launched at the Beverly Hills jeweller's studio on Monday (28Sep15).

The idea for the collection was sparked by Shields' trip to France and England as part of genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are?

She says, "I found out that my family history goes back to Louis XIV and it was those classic designs that I kept going back to."

Upon her return from Europe, she contacted old pal Procop and asked him if he would be interested in a collaborative limited-edition jewellery line featuring amethyst, topaz, emerald and peridot set in white diamonds.

"His drive, intelligence and commitment are what I always appreciated," Shields says of her new business partner. "I've worn many of his pieces over the years, but after becoming aware of Angelina's (Jolie) line with him and the charitable component, that's how this started."

The line will be available at Saks Fifth Avenue and proceeds from sales will benefit House of Ruth, a charity that aids victims of domestic abuse.

Jolie's collaboration with Procop, With Style By Jolie, benefited the actress/director's foundation, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.