The Blue Lagoon star reveals she continually put off the operation to treat the pinched nerves in her wrists as she raced to complete her 2014 book, There Was a Little Girl: The Real Story of My Mother and Me, and then further postponed her medical care as she embarked on a lengthy promotional tour.

She finally found time in her schedule to undergo double wrist surgery in November (15), when she showed off her bandaged hands, which were both in slings, on Instagram.

Brooke is now back to full health and the 50-year-old admits she needs to take better care of her hands to avoid a repeat of her medical mishap.

"I'm completely healed now," she tells U.S. breakfast show Today. "My hands are really numb, and when I was pregnant with Rowan, it was very bad, and then after writing my book it was so exacerbated, I couldn't feel (anything), I did nerve damage. It's like, if you don't address it, you can actually do nerve damage. The nerves will regenerate, but (now) I can sleep through the night and it's amazingly, miraculously better the next day."