Brooke Shields had to find "happiness" again after 9/11.

The 57-year-old actress - who has daughters Rowan, 19, and Grier, 16, with husband Chris Henchy and was previously married to tennis player Andre Agassi - had just tied the knot with Chris in 2001 and left LA to star in a Broadway production of 'Cabaret' when al-Qaeda struck the Twin Towers in a terror attack that killed thousands and described her time in the Big Apple as "very fraught and scary."

She said: "I had just got married to Chris and I went to New York to do 'Cabaret' and 9/11 happened. He couldn't get to me, I couldn't get out of New York. It was this very fraught period of time. We were the first show to go back. Everything was fraught and scary and sad"

The 'Blue Lagoon' actress went on to recall that when she returned home, she was "physically and emotionally" exhausted that she just started down the beach and remembered feeling utter "peace."

Speaking on the 'Minnie Questions with Minnie Driver' podcast, she said: "When my run ended, I went to Los Angeles and we went to someone's house in Malibu. The weather was perfect and I walked down to the beach. I started dancing, just started dancing. I was dancing like an idiot and I just remember thinking 'This is freedom, this is happy.' It's funny, because I don't particularly love LA and I didn't have a job. Normally, that makes me panic. I had just finished a job and I was so depleted physically and emotionally. But tto just be able to feel the breeze and have my feet in the water and dance down to the speech. I just remember thinking 'This is a gift. Remember this. Because that is what peaceful is like.'"