Brooke Shields' daughter wore her 1998 Golden Globes dress to prom.

The 56-year-old actress was a "proud mama" when her eldest daughter Rowan, 18, donned the red dress she wore to the awards ceremony when she was nominated for her starring role in 'Suddenly Susan'.

Sharing snaps of Rowan on Instagram, she wrote: "I thought it was a special night when I was nominated for a Golden Globe and wore this dress in 1998, but nothing could have prepared me to see my daughter wearing it to her prom proud mama!"

Brooke's famous friends gushed over the photos of her daughter, calling the experience a "special moment" for the pair.

Helena Christensen wrote: "Congratulations to your beautiful funny smart girl."

Debra Messing added: "OH MY GOD that is so SPECIAL!!!!! I remember you in that gown that night! And now your beautiful daughter gets to make new memories with it."

It comes after the 'Blue Lagoon' star - who also has 15-year-old daughter Grier with her husband Chris Henchy - previously admitted she is "jealous" of her daughters' as they are "well-adjusted" about their bodies and appearances compared to herself as a teenager, as she was riddled with insecurities.

She said: "[My daughters] are so much more mature than I was, so much more confident in their own bodies. "They have the same stubbornness and strength that I do, but are more well-adjusted. I am jealous as all hell about that. But, of course, I created it." Brooke had a turbulent relationship with her own mother, and she says that dynamic was the reason behind her lack of self-confidence.

Brooke - whose mother Teri was an actress and a model - explained: "My mother would get drunk and say, 'Why don't you move your fat a**?' So, I've always believed I had a fat a**."