Brooke Burke revealed last month, in a candid and emotive YouTube confession, that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She has undergone surgery to remove the tumour and we're pleased to let you know that she's now doing a-okay!

Burke has been blogging about her ordeal on the parenting website that she regularly contributes to, Modern Mom. Initially she tried to keep the news from her children for as long as possible, before realizing that it is also their battle. "I've really realized that everything I'm going through, my family is going through too," She said. "I think I'm as concerned for my husband as he is for me - he's been so strong and such a rock... It's so, so important that you care for everyone in a family that's dealing with a medical crisis the same way you emotionally care for the patient themselves. Because we're all in this together." 

She tweeted today (6th Nov) about her recovery:

Contact Music wishes Brooke Burke and her family all the best, and hopes she is back to her very healthy self ASAP.