Review of Candida / Kubricks World Single by Bronx Dogs

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6. Bronx Dogs Candida / Kubricks World (12" - (Marble Bar) )
Marble Bar a label synonymous with pushing top quality, ultra catchy danceable tunes get Bronx dogs on the job. And they manage admirably to keep the momentum going with this double A Side release. Candid is a reworking of Candida Royale, a track from their recently released Enviro album. Its a perfect early morning tune with a luscious uplifting Isley Brothers-esque guitar riff, an ultra funky bassline and some Patrick Moore stylee Glockenspiel .

Stick it on as the sun replaces the moon and feel the atmosphere lift. Kubricks World is on another tip altogether. Moody techno sweeps and some dangerous twists and turns ensure that it is definitely not one to be played as the dawn breaks, unless of course youve had enough and want to scare every one off.