Review of Lies Single by Broken Records

Single review for Lies by Broken Records.

Broken Records Lies Single

Glasgow have the very highly recommended Glasvegas and Edinburgh can't just sit around and let them get all the attention. Seven piece Broken Records enter with their new Single 'Lies' that is also set to get the tongues wagging, and could this be third time lucky with this being their third Single release.

Broken Records have really gone to town with this, pianos, violins, guitars, drums and so much more which you will have to find out for yourself what they are. Every time you listen to this track again there is another sound that you missed the first, second and third time round. And yet that is not all Jamie vocals hit every note perfectly with crisp timing.

Broken Records are looking a good prospect and if they carry on making records like this then they won't go too far wrong.


Mark Moore

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