Actress Brittany Snow has been on high alert after becoming convinced she's been targeted by a stalker who's leaving "creepy" voicemail messages on her phone.
The Hairspray star reveals she recently received a series of disturbing calls, in which a man appears to order her to get naked.
She says, "This stalker kept leaving me messages on my phone. I kept getting messages from this person with a really creepy voice. He'd be like, 'And then he walked into the bedroom and said, 'Take off your clothes'.' And then the message would be done.
"Three days later, I'd get another message and the message would be, 'Take off your lingerie.' And then it would quit."
But Snow was relieved to discover it was all a big mix-up - and her fears of a stalker were unfounded.
She explains, "I come to find out that actually, after being really scared, it's actually my mum's Books on Tape (audio programme)... Her phone was calling my phone and (she was listening to Books On Tape). I was like, this is kinda creepy, interesting, weird."
However, the 25 year old confesses she secretly liked the idea of having an overzealous fan, because it was an indication of her Hollywood success.
She adds: "I actually thought I'd made it because I finally had a stalker. I don't know why that means that I made it!"