Brittany Murphy's father has blasted executives at America's Lifetime network for moving forward with a new movie about his late daughter's life and casting an actress who looks nothing like her.

Angelo Bertolotti admits he is "disgusted and outraged" by the unauthorised biopic, The Brittany Murphy Story, calling the project "trashy" and accusing Tv bosses of "defiling the memory of my beautiful, talented daughter".

He rages, "Frankly, I am amazed at their audacity of calling it 'a true story' without conducting any research or consulting with any members of the family. The Brittany Murphy Story is an affront to everything my daughter was in real life. It's hideous, unauthorised and completely untrue."

And he tells The Examiner that he's baffled by the casting of Amanda Fuller, the actress who will portray Murphy in the Tv film.

He adds, "Lifetime's casting was atrocious. Amanda Fuller... looks absolutely nothing like her. Everyone looks ridiculous in their bad wigs and the dialogue is nauseating."

And Bertolotti is also taking issue with the film's alleged inaccuracies, stating, "To suggest that I was never in Brittany's life since the age of two is absolutely despicable. I was always a part of Brittany's life and supported both her and her mother."

Murphy died in 2009.