'The Space Between Us' might not seem like a big action movie that involved a lot of training for the actors, but Britt Robertson sure had to learn a lot of new skills for her role as earthling Tulsa. Though while the actress found the prospect 'terrifying', she was certainly happy to get out of her comfort zone.

Britt RobertsonBritt Robertson learned a lot on 'The Space Between Us'

Britt's character Tulsa was all about taking her Mars-born friend Gardner on his first Earth adventure, discovering the world in which his parents and ancestors lived. Of course, that meant setting up a bunch of seemingly regular experiences that he might not have encountered in his Mars colony. And director Peter Chelsom put a lot of that weight on Britt.

'He wanted me to be tough, he wanted be to able to beat up a bunch of big dudes, he wanted me to be able to ride the motorbike, he wanted me to able to play the piano, sing - which I don't do. At all', she said of what Chelsom wanted of her. 'I always promised myself that I would never take a role where I had to sing. Unfortunately, I found out that I was going to have to sing AFTER I took the movie. He asked a lot of me, which I like. It's good to force yourself into these uncomfortable situations and learn new skills.'

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The film follows the relationship between Tulsa and Asa Butterfield's character Gardner. While Tulsa is a street-smart high schooler who's struggling to fit in with the people around her, Gardner was born on mankind's first trip to Mars where the first extraplanetary human colony was set up. Naturally that meant he knows little about Earth other than what he's read, but when he connects with Tulsa on social media, he finds himself desperate to experience the life of his fellow humans.

Britt Robertson, who also appeared in the Lasse Hallström film 'A Dog's Purpose' opposite Dennis Quaid this year, is also set to appear in a new comedy TV series entitled 'Girlboss' about a rebellious fashionista who moves up in the world of business.