Britt Ekland is refusing to give up Botox because she's "very vain".

The 80-year-old actress is adamant she wants to maintain her looks for as long as possible and despite coming under fire for some of her surgery choices in the past, she has no intention of stopping the wrinkle-freezing injections she uses to keep her skin looking smooth.

She told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "I had terrible stuff [procedures] done to me and had to live with the commentary: ‘Why did she do that to herself?'

"I am vain. Very vain. I always say: ‘The mirror is your best friend.’ But I’ve been looking like Britt Ekland since Britt Ekland was invented. And I refuse to give up now."

Britt also opened up about her love life, revealing she gave up dating when her youngest son TJ - from her marriage to drummer Slim Jim Phantom - was a child and she has since found herself single for the past 25 years.

She explained: "I did not want to introduce another man, at least until he was 18. I felt I’d made a lot of mistakes with my children by introducing them to men.?"

Britt - who was also previously married to Peter Sellers in the 1960s - added she finds staying single a lot easier than being in a relationship. She said: "I can’t be bothered [with dating]. It’s just too complicated."

The actress is also mum to a daughter, Victoria, from her marriage to Sellers as well as son Nico with record producer Lou Adler.

She added of dating when she as younger: "Oh, yes. I could have anybody I wanted. But I was not a promiscuous person. It was more knowing that I had the power to do so."