Britt Ekland's dog is ''gender fluid''.

The former Bond Girl - who appeared in 1974's 'The Man with the Golden Gun' - has a pet chihuahua called Bowie after late rock icon David Bowie, and she says her pooch pal has male and female traits just like her namesake.

Britt said: ''She is a rescue dog, called Bowie - and doesn't really like anyone but me. She is named after David, my favorite pop star, who I adored. ''Bowie is a chihuahua and she is gender fluid - she's a girl but she's a boy too. Gender fluid, a bit like David!

''I live alone, but I power walk every morning - I live next to a park so that's where Bowie and I go.''

Britt is currently self-isolating at her London house with just her canine friend for company.

'The Wicker Man' star admits she is coping well with being at home alone due to the coronavirus pandemic because she has lived by herself for many years, although she is missing her grandson whose birthday she had to celebrate with her family over a Zoom video call.

In a recent interview, Britt - who has three children, including model Victoria Sellers from her marriage to the late comedian-and-actor Peter Sellers - said: ''It's important to keep that positive energy. If you don't have a creative energy then you just sit at home, drink wine and eat cheese, watching TV.

''That's not who I am. I'm a person who is absolutely full of positive energy. I'm totally unafraid. I have my own house and live alone - I have to deal with these things myself.

''There might be spiders or snakes or whatever - I can't be afraid. I can't exactly run to a neighbor and say, 'help me.' I gotta face everything on my own. And I do.''