Britt Ekland says lip filler "destroyed" her looks.

The former Bond girl was injected with an "experimental" filler by a doctor in Paris three decades ago, and dubbed the experience the "biggest mistake" of her life.

She told Platinum Magazine: “It destroyed my looks and ruined my face. It was the biggest mistake of my life.”

The 74-year-old movie star had to have a series of “excruciatingly painful” corticosteroid injections to dissolve the filler, and she regrets ever having it as she prefers how she looked before she had the treatment.

She added: “I did all of that in my 50s, but wouldn’t consider it again. I have no desire to look any different than I am.

“When I look at photographs of myself before I had it done, I looked very good. I can see that now, but I couldn’t see it at the time.”

'The Man with the Golden Gun' star - who played Mary Goodnight, an assistant to Sir Roger Moore's 007, in the 1974 action-thriller - insisted she doesn't have any qualms about ageing but tries to look after herself.

She added: “I feel great now, better than I have for many years … getting older happens to everyone. It’s pointless complaining about it or wishing you could change.

“We’re all going in one direction and there is nothing we can do about that … It’s just about looking after yourself while on that journey.”

The Swedish star opening up about her own regrets over lip filler comes after she previously claimed Nicole Kidman, 53, looked like she'd had Botox in her 2003 film 'Cold Mountain'.

Britt called the non-permanent injections, which relax the muscles in your face to smooth out lines and wrinkles, "fatal" for actresses.

She said in 2008: “It’s fatal when actresses use Botox. I remember seeing ‘Cold Mountain,’ and it really looked to me like Nicole Kidman had been using it.

“Her face was neither sad nor glad — nor anything, she was just like a painted doll. I thought: ‘Why would she do that?'”