Britney Spears has been accused of sabotaging her own act Arin Ray on X Factor by giving the 17-year-old terrible, terrible songs to sing. Ray's godmother Sedatrius David took to Twitter to vent her anger and make the accusations after the Thanksgiving episode this week.

Ray sang Enrique Iglesias' 'Hero' and dedicated the rendition to his brother as a way of thanking him for stepping up to the plate after their parents separated. The performance was pretty average, with Davis tweeting, "Put @ArinRaySings thru so he can do wht he do! Don't let him go home b/c britney doesn't know wht she's doing." According to Digital Spy, she followed the tweets up with a series of further messages concerning Britney's mentoring, saying, "PLEASE vote 4 my godson @ArinRaySings keep him in so he can "be me" b/c Britney Spears has not been good mentor not fair!" The last message read, "@britneyspears u continue 2 sabotage my godson @arinraysings & I do NOT appreciate it. Wtf! These songs! Seriously!" before all three were deleted. Arin has since responded to his grandmother's allegations in a lengthy Twitter post, saying, "I was shocked and very upset that she made such harsh, rude and untrue statements about Britney. I know she felt she was protecting me, however, I didn't need that or ask for that! She was way off and dead wrong. Although I can't take back anything she's said, know I don't agree with anything of it and neither does my FAMILY. Britney is a great person and mentor!" 

So is there any truth in the accusations? Well, in the first week, Britney gave young Arin the 1966 Motown hit 'You Keep Me Hangin' On' to sing, so pretty good right? In week two, he sang Estelle's 'American Boy,' so, kind of not a disaster song choice. Week three was Madonna's 'Crazy For You,' so again, not a song stinking of sabotage.

Anyway, Arin Ray was booted off the show, so, there you go.

Watch his performance of 'Hero' below - should he have been eliminated?