Pop star Britney Spears furiously pulled the plug on an interview with a British television presenter, after he called her 'nuts'.

The OOPS!...I DID IT AGAIN singer was being grilled by irreverent presenter Simon Amstell from CHANNEL 4 music show POPWORLD, when she was asked if she was using diet pills as reported, then told she had become a bit 'nuts'.

Enraged Britney immediately stopped the interview and demanded the crew handed over the tape, but sources at the set believe the BOYS singer simply misunderstood the British sense of humour employed by Amstell.

One says, "She just didn't get him at all. Simon was interviewing her in his usual p***take manner but when he told her he thought she was a bit of a nutter and asked if she took diet pills the interview was cut short.

"She didn't do any other interviews all day long and the tape was confiscated - it was very bizarre."

However, Britney's spokesperson poured scorn on suggestions the stunning singer had thrown a diva tantrum.

The spokesperson says, "It was a slight misunderstanding. Simon asked Britney if she had changed and she responded saying, 'Why, do you think I've changed?' To which he told her he thought she seemed a bit more nuts.

"The interview was cut shorter than we hoped but everything's fine - Britney was happy."

12/09/2003 13:30