The evolution of Britney Spears' career is one that no one could have foretold; beginning as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club, 20 years on she is now in talks with a subsidiary of Harper Collins for a book contract, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

THR report that the book that Spears would potentially write would be a semi-autobiographical novel; part reality, part fiction, otherwise known as a 'roman à clef'. The Examiner has speculated at the possibility that Spears may be choosing that genre in order to divulge details about Sam Lufti without the possibility of being taken to court like Lynne, her mother, who has already penned her own book called 'Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World'. Apparently, It Books, the HarperCollins subsidiary that she is allegedly in talks with, hasn't confirmed the rumours. 

The new book wouldn't be the first one with Britney's name on the cover, she and her mother also wrote a book together called Britney Spears's Heart to Heart. The deal, if it's every actually made, would certainly be a costly affair for the publishers, but given that Spears has sold over a hundred million records in her career, it would be money worth spending.