Britney Spears appeared on Channel 4's 'Alan Carr: Chatty Man' this past Friday (Oct 18th) to promote her upcoming album, 'Britney Jean'.

The interview saw the singer cover a range of topics from her love of 99 cent stores, to her heartbreak when she split with Jason Trawick and the raunchy new video for the single 'Work Bitch'.

The host, Alan Carr, asked Britney if she had checked out the UK equivalent to a 99 cent store, called 'Poundland'.

"Yes I do, it's one of my things" she replied. "Actually, I went today and got matches they're actually this little [holds fingers about an inch apart] they're like the tiniest matches you've ever seen in your life, and you just go like that [mimes striking a match] and you almost burn your finger."

The British comedian then asked her, "What are the staff like when you go into a Poundland?Are they like 'Oh my God, it's Britney'?"

Spears said, "Um, not usually. Usually I have glasses on and no one recognises me, I just go in and I'm really into what I'm doing, I get into it and it's really fun."

The 31 year-old also discussed what the process was like creating her 8th studio album, "Yes definitely, (writing for the album) was like therapy," she told Carr. "Most of the songs are about celebrating having a good time,' she added, "but I went through a break-up with this record so some of the stuff that I went through is on the record."

The album's newest single 'Work Bitch' has a very sexual music video, with Britney even whipping some of her back up dancers as she wears an array of bikini's and revealing outfits. Carr explained that the video will not be aired on British television before 10 pm due to its explicit nature.

The 'Toxic' singer did tell the host that she had received expert training on how to use the whip, "We had a whip instructor come in and actually show me how to use it, and actually bring it around the back of my head and actually use it, and it you do it the wrong way you can actually hurt yourself and cut yourself with it, because it's really powerful. They're really strong."

'Work Bitch' was released on September 16th 2013 and her album, 'Britney Jean', will hit store on December 3rd 2013.

Britney Spears
Brtiney is currently on a promotional tour of her 8th studio album 'Britney Jean'

Alan Carr
Britney appeared on Alan Carr's chat show this Friday (Oct 19th).