Britney Spears is set to sell her Calabasas mansion.

The chart-topping pop star acquired the luxurious abode for $11.8 million after winning her high-profile conservatorship battle - but she's already keen to sell the property, according to TMZ.

Britney, 41, only bought the mansion - which is located in the same neighbourhood as her ex, Kevin Federline - in June. But the blonde beauty hasn't fallen in love with the eye-catching abode and she's now hoping to sell it in 2023.

Despite this, there's no guarantee that Britney will buy another home in the area, as she already owns a mansion in Thousand Oaks, California, after she bought the property for $7.5 million in 2015.

Last year, meanwhile, a source close to Britney revealed that the pop star is the happiest she's been "for a long time".

The 'Baby One More Time' hitmaker won her conservatorship battle in 2021, and despite being surrounded by drama and speculation, Britney was said to have been in a great place at the time.

The source explained: "Britney is in the best place she has been for a long time but constant rumours and conspiracy theories around her need to stop."

Britney dislikes the speculation that surrounds her, but she finally feels in control of her own destiny.

The insider shared: "It can get like a pressure cooker at times but the bottom line is she is great and is finally in control of her life."

Prior to that, Britney concerned some of her fans with her seemingly erratic behaviour on social media. But the source insisted there was actually nothing to worry about.

The insider explained: "Britney sees something and wants to share it with her fans. She’s not bothered about being preened and perfect 24/7.

"That’s not her. Everything you see on her Instagram is 100 percent her.

"For Britney finally having autonomy is everything."