She’s been a pop megastar since the age of 17, but Britney Spears says she suffers from nerves and anxiety when there’s a lot of people around. While Britney has long moved on from her public struggles of 2007, the singer admits that she still feels uncomfortable in a lot of situations, including parties and clubs.

Speaking to Flaunt magazine Britney said: “Oh, I’m so weird. I get nervous in a lot of situations. Parties, clubs. When there are a lot of people around, I’m a weird, anxiety-ridden person.” However she added that her anxieties are under more control now, because ‘guidelines’ are in place.

“I think with a lot of things in the past, I didn’t have security. I didn’t have the guidelines that I have now, which are brilliant,” she continued. “I’m very close to my security team. I have kids now too, so everything is on a way lower scale.”

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“I’m actually a very boring person. I don’t go out. I don’t really do anything. I should be Mother Mary, seriously. I think my life has done a complete 360. Things are just different now. It’s a different time. It’s a different era.”

Britney has just released her ninth studio album, Glory, but despite her impressive back catalogue of hits, the singer says she doesn't listen to her own music. “It’s funny, because I don’t really listen to my music,” she admitted.

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“My kids do and my nieces do. I’m about the creative process. I’m in the moment of being creative and then I put it out there. Of course, I sing my songs every night and I have to listen to it that way, but I’m all about change.

“And new. And forthcoming. But, there is a part of me in my music and I hope, for my fans, that they can have that part of me when they hear me on the radio, or buy my CD, or whatever they do,” she added.