It’s an unlikely pairing, but Britney Spears seemed to enjoy herself when she met Hillary Clinton yesterday during a break from her Las Vegas show. But while she gushed about the meeting on instagram, the singer hasn’t given Clinton her full endorsement yet. After posting the picture, Spears is reported to have had second thoughts and deleted Clinton's official campaign hashtag, #ImWithHer, from her original caption.

Posting a shot of the two smiling together, Spears wrote: ‘Being in Vegas for #PieceOfMe is amazing for so many reasons... Especially today... because I had the incredible opportunity to meet @HillaryClinton!!’

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Such an inspiration and beautiful voice for women around the world!!! This woman had an intense presence and I felt very honored to meet her!!!’ But according to E! News, Spears had originally included Clinton’s campaign hashtag #ImWithHer in her caption, only to delete it hours later.

But unlike Spears, many celebrities are openly endorsing Clinton in her bid to become the 2016 Democratic candidate. ‘Girls’ star Lena Dunham has made many campaign appearances for Clinton, including meeting supporters in Iowa last month,

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Actor Morgan Freeman has also just narrated a new campaign ad for Clinton, ahead of the upcoming primaries in South Carolina. In the ad Freeman states: "Her life’s work has been about breaking barriers and so would her presidency. She understands that our country can’t reach it’s potential unless we all do.”