Britney Spears has had some bad weeks in the past and after a full year of pretty consistent good press, the mother of two has opted out of continuing in her contract as a judge in the X Factor, plus as TMZ have reported, the engagement between herself and Jason Trawick has been called off! 

Trawick has also been a co-conservator for Spears, whose mental health had been deemed too poor for her to look after her own affairs a couple of years back. Britney's mum, Jamie, will now be the only conservator for her daughter. Trawick hadn't wanted to release the news of their breakup until after he was taken off the conservatorship. There had been rumours flying around that their relationship was a sham anyway, with heads turned when she and her then-manager eventually ended up dating, and subsequenly engaged. However now that they've broken up it simply doesn't matter whether it was a sham or not, so long as they're both happy with the choice. According to TMZ the breakup was amicable so we're guessing it was the best choice all round.

Britney has also left the X Factor, it was reported this week, apparently because she wanted to focus on her music. Mid-week charts saw her song with Will.i.Am at the top spot, so focusing on that maybe be a good choice for her. Maybe this move from TV and being engaged is simply one of personal liberation. She has had some bad weeks in the past but at a second glance, this probably isn't one of them. Good luck Brit! 

Here she is Will.i.Am in 'Scream and Shout':