Britney Spears' beauty icon is Jennifer Lopez.

The 'Toxic' singer says she's a huge fan of the 'American Idol' judge and thinks the 42-year-old star just gets better and better with age.

She said: "Jennifer Lopez is my idol - she's so beautiful and even though she's gotten older, she hasn't aged at all. She looks more amazing than ever and I really admire and respect that."

Britney, 29, also says she takes beauty advice from her mother, Lynne, and gets tips to keep her skin looking good, which include drinking water and uses lost of creams.

She told Now magazine: "My mom's very into her skincare and making sure she has the right cream. It's important to experiment with different creams as we get older5, so she's always showing me the upcoming products, which is pretty cool. One of her skin secrets is making sure she gets lots of rest and water."