Notorious prankster Simon Brodkin, also known under his comedian personality Lee Nelson, has claimed that the producers of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ manipulated acts auditioning for the show in order to fit an agenda, having infiltrated the process last month.

Brodkin posed as Orthodox Jewish rapper Steven Goldblatt on the show in January in order to get an insight into the auditioning process as part of a new Channel 4 documentary, according to a report by The Mirror on Monday (February 6th).

He secretly recorded what he went through during an eight-hour audition at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ which ended up with him receiving four ‘yes’ votes from the panel of judges, who include Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams.

Britain's Got Talent'Britain's Got Talent' judges David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon (l-r)

“This show sets itself up as a pure, simple, innocent talent show. I don’t think it’s that,” Brodkin is quoted as having said. “It is contrived, manipulative and you don’t need to have talent.”

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He suggested that producers urged contestants to express a wider range of emotions so they would have more content to select from when it comes to the editing process.

“Shortly before I went in front of the judges I was advised what to say and how to present my act,” he went on to claim. “A lot is recreated and manipulated. My arrival, registration and leaving were all staged. I was given direction as to how to act and they reshot each stage several times.”

Producers of the show were quick to deny Brodkin’s story, with a spokesperson telling MailOnline later that day: “It is not unusual for ‘Britain's Got Talent’ to work with acts to ensure their performances are suitable for family viewing.”

“On this occasion Simon Brodkin auditioned with a rap containing material we were concerned may cause offence. We subsequently found out that Simon Brodkin is a 'comedian' and hoaxer who promotes his act by deceiving people. It is untrue to suggest that Britain's Got Talent manipulated Simon's act.”

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