The pop icon returned to the U.K. music prizegiving for the first time in 20 years, but her headline-grabbing performance was marred by a shocking accident when the Armani cape she was wearing onstage became tangled.

Just moments after beginning her new song Living for Love, a dancer tugged at the garment and sent Madonna tumbling backwards down a set of stairs.

The Material Girl shook herself off and carried on with the set, but during an interview with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres on her U.S. talk show on Tuesday (17Mar15), the singer admits she was upset her much-anticipated performance didn't go as planned.

She explained, "I went to my room and cried from humiliation - not because I was in pain. Nothing hurt on me. That's just the weirdest thing, I'm hard on myself."

And the pop icon insists she'll never watch footage of the fall, because she knows she must have looked furious after the incident.

Madonna added, "I don't want to see any part of the performance, because for the first 30 seconds (when) I got back on the stage, I'm sure I was the angriest matador that walked the planet!" Madonna's set had a matador/bull theme.

She continued, "The first thing that crossed my mind wasn't, 'Oh my God, am I hurt?' It was just like, 'S**t. I made a mistake. I wanna start this again'. And I couldn't, so I was like, 'Ok, I'll just keep going'. Strangely enough, the lyrics to the song are about picking yourself up and carrying on, so I could sing what I was feeling."

Madonna insists she doesn't blame anyone involved in the performance for the wardrobe malfunction, saying, "It's nobody's fault. Actually if anyone's going to take the blame it's me, since I insisted to tie the bow (of the cape) tighter around my neck."