Bristol Palin 's latest reality TV show has been the subject of controversy before it's even begun and frankly, it's not looking good for the daughter of politician Sarah Palin, as the critics are seriously struggling to find anything positive to say about the show. Life's A Tripp is a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the girl who, essentially became famous when she fell pregnant as a teenager and has subsequently made a living giving talks about her life decisions.
In a review for Newsday, Verne Gay surmises that "Life's a Tripp isn't inept as much as just plain sad. At no point does anyone - at least on camera - tell Bristol that this terrible idea for a reality show would subject her, or her family and friends, to ridicule. And based on the first two episodes, there is plenty of ridicule to go around." This first episode includes the scene in which she is heckled by a man in a bar and goes on to question his sexuality. It doesn't provide entertaining viewing, though, it simply proves that "When a moron yells at you in a bar, (you should) just walk out."
Bristol Palin may have viewers tuning in for curiosity's sake but as The San Francisco Chronicle point out, "the series, premiering Tuesday, is not very interesting, and you probably wouldn't watch if she wasn't who she is. The challenge is that she's just not that interesting. She's not especially glamorous, and, at the other end of the spectrum, is no Alaskan Snooki either." With the bar-room heckler now threatening to sue both Bristol and the Lifetime Channel, Palin might wind up wishing this was one trip she hadn't decided to take.